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In Musodza's "Herbert Wants To Come Home" ...Vamps Want In!

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UK-based - Zimbabwe-born scribe Masimba Musodza...currently has out, an online version of his groundbreaking vampire novel "Herbert Wants To Come Home"! Musodza's work has been published everywhere from the UK, Jamaica, and India...to South Africa, his home country of Zimbabwe, and even here in the states! The novelist boasts "Herbert Wants To Come Home", as - "a multi-layered vampire story that highlights the fears of the Zimbabwean people. Separated by the exile of over 3 million over the last decade and a half, as some of them begin to return, forever altered by their life abroad." The official synopsis for the read, is as follows..."A blend of two mythologies, two fears; the African fear of an ancestral spirit aggrieved at being shut out of the family home...and the European fear of deceased kin who rise as vampires and knock on doors, demanding, pleading to be allowed in. When Herbert Mutsepe suddenly dies of anaemia in the United Kingdom, his family have his body brought back to his native Zimbabwe for burial.

A year later, they gather from the four corners of the globe to conduct the kurova guva ceremony-evoking his spirit to return home to the family homestead to join the pantheon of vadzimu, the family ancestral guiding spirits. This, despite the influence of Christianity, is at the heart of the beliefs of a large number of southern African peoples. James Muramba, a homicide detective investigating the presumed death of a customs officer at Harare International Airport who vanished the day Mutsepe's body was brought in is beginning to see a dark and disturbing picture. It seems that all is not well with Herbert's soul, and perhaps it would not be a good thing at all to let him come home. He suspects, nay, fears, that Mutsepe is no longer the person he was, that exile has mutated him in to a monster." Art for "Herbert", can be viewed to your left.

Musodza has also managed to secure an interesting platform of exposure for his horror piece, via writer site, JukePop! An online novel base where writers can post chapters of their work for free viewing! Should their submission be accepted, the penner is then paid, while interested readers can check out said writers work via their Facebook pages! Where they can also vote up their favorite chapters as well! Currently, Musodza's "Herbert Wants To Come Home"...sits within JukePop's Top 30 list, and is still going strong! You can check out this disturbing and shocking Zimbabwean vampire story for yourself, by clicking Here! The print edition of "Herbert Wants To Come Home"...is slated to be published late this Summer. So grab it before it BITES you first!

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