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FX artist turned filmmaker, Jim Ojala - dropped us a line recently regarding an indie horror project he's currently fundraising for called "Strange Nature"! The film is described as an ECO horror/thriller/drama...set against the backdrop of a true unsolved ecological mystery. In which a research team found a population of frogs in Oregon this year where every frog suffered a deformity. With 100% deformity rate. The terrifying trend began way back in 1995. Where frogs with deformities began popping up in Minnesota ponds. Over the next few years, thousands were discovered. Some frog populations were as much as 70% deformed.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency came up with many possible theories for the cause but nothing definite. It was known as something in the water. In 2001, the U.S. Government pulled all further research funding. The malformations spread to other states and even other countries as most recently in China and India. The current likely theories are parasites and pesticides or a combination of the two. The films story surrounds a struggling yet forceful single mother and her shy son as they start their lives over. By moving in with her estranged hermit father in the backwoods of a small town, Kim and Brody find themselves in the middle of this horrendous phenomenon where deadly offspring mutations spread from animals to humans. Ojala, whos creature FX credits include..."Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Deadgirl", "PROXY", "Hellboy 2:The Golden Army", "Where the Wild Things Are", and this years "Pacific Rim"...will be handling FX on this project as well. Pic'ed to your left, is an early teaser poster for the film.

While below, you can get a look at some very cool - early models of the mutated "amphibs"...set to appear in the flick. As well as some Youtube vids which boast a look at early footage from the movie! "Strange Nature" has lined up a very interesting and diverse cast thus far. Including EX WWE Superstar John Morrison, RENO 911's Carlos Alazraqui, David Mattey (Hancock), and the most recently added...Chalet Lizette Brannan (Zombieland). The film currently has a Kickstarter campaign rolling where they're just about $25,000 short of their $45,000 goal. You can help, and land some cool swag from the film all at the same time. By hitting up their official Kickstarter Page Here! Meanwhile, don't forget to Follow "Strange Nature" on Twitter, and Like them on Facebook! Finally, you can also keep up with the movies progress over at the official "Strange Nature" website!

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