Weinstein is holding up Weinstein's "Scream 5" plans!

Can't Get Enough Of Drunk Baby?

Way back when, while "Scream 4" was being filmed, there was premature talk of Scream 5, and Scream 6. Allowing part 4 to become the launching pad for a whole new Ghostface trilogy! But then "Scream 4" was released and the reception was lukewarm. Thus, plans for future installments were put on hold.


But it seems that - may not be the case. In the house of Weinstein, Dimension Films. It seems Harvey Weinstein wants to do "Scream 5". But Bob Weinstein??? Not so much. At the current Zurich Film Festival in Switzerland...IndieWire was on hand at the events masterclass. Where Harvey was quoted as saying about a potential fifth film...“Everyone lived in Scream 4. I'm begging him [Bob] to do the movie and just end it." Adding...“We've milked that cow."

Yes...you have milked that cow. Which is kinda the problem for some fans of the franchise, and horror fans in general. By the way, everyone lived in "Scream 4"? Um...no? Outside of Kirby, who was brutally stabbed by Charlie, and has been speculated as to possibly...having survived. Everyone pretty much died in "Scream 4". Especially that blonde friend of Jill and Kirby's? Who got splattered all over her room? I mean if she returns in "Scream 5". That's gonna be the most creative script job ever! Anyways, I am not clammoring for a fifth film personally. But, if they can come up with another foe for Sidney, and give em' a decent motive...I guess I'm in.

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