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New Indie Chiller "TEN"!

Filmmaker Michael J. Epstein will soon be bringing genre fans what can only be described as...A collectivist, post-exploitation, psychological thriller. Which furthermore, was devised as a possible explanation for the events of the 1972 Spektor Island Massacre. In Epstein's new upcoming horror flick TEN, on a cold December afternoon, ten women arrive at a mansion on Spektor Island, famed for years of reported hauntings and strange activities. Will they live through the night? Poster art for the film, which Epstein claims, pays homage to filmmakers and producers such as Alfred Hitchcock, Roger Corman, John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Jim Wynorski, Jean Rollin, Lloyd Kaufman, and Andy Sidaris... is pic'ed to your left. The flick was shot in a 10 day span, in December of last year. With it expected to make the festivals rounds later this year. With 2014 being eyed for a wider release.

"TEN" explores the meaning and fluidity of identity. And features an all-female cast, headed up by Rachel Leah Blumenthal. And also stars Sophia Cacciola, Molly Carlisle, Porcerlain Dalya, Kerri Lynch, Susannah Plaster, Leah Principe, Jade Sylvan, Molly Devon, and Karin Webb. Below, you can watch the first trailer for the movie, a video which features a scene from the film that pays homage to "Psycho"s infamous shower scene, and some stills! Meanwhile, for more on "TEN"...visit the films official website!